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OSX 10.8.2 Client Crash


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Excited to try this out at home, we use Plastic to manage our corporate web-dev accross many server, it is nothing short of totally fab.


Installed XQuartz as asserted by OSX Mountain Lion, Server config and User management apps work fine, but the Client apps crash on opening.


Can supply the console dumps if you're interested. Will now look at docs..



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Can you check if is there a server running? (ps -fA | grep plastic) in Terminal

Which error do you get? 

Let´s do dome steps:

1. Go to a Terminal and loggin as super user (su)

2. Go to server folder (Applications/PlasticSCM2/server) and run "configureserver"  to configure the server in an available port

3. Execute in the Terminal: "plastic --configure" (to configure client in the same port)

4. Execute in the Terminal: "plastic" to run the program 


Best Regards,



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Plastic Client only runs as 'root' User successfully, which is not helpful as the workspace cannot be shared easily.


To resolve the problem:

1. Run from terminal /Applications/PlasticSCM/client/plastic

1.1. Note the error
** (/Applications/PlasticSCM/client/plastic.exe:1810): CRITICAL **: _wapi_shm_file_open: shared file [/users/mike/.wapi/shared_data-mikes-MacBook-Pro.local-Darwin-x86_64-312-12-0] open error: Permission denied

2. Change permissions on '.wapi' directory in your userspace to allow read/write to all

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