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Intermittent issues with Jenkins (Hudson) Plugin


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Hi all,


We use Plastic alongside Jenkins with the Jenkins plugin.  Initially the setup worked fine, but we're seeing more and more build failures to the point where they now outnumber the successful builds.  Quite often just running the build again will work.  The issue we see is that after the plugin has invoked cm to get the files out, we get this error in the jenkins logs:


FATAL: Executable returned an unexpected result code [1]

ERROR: null


We've turned on and compared the actual cm logs against a successful build and can't see anything out of the ordinary, so looks to be an issue with the plugin itself.


Would appreciate any thoughts or extra logging we can turn on anywhere?





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I've been looking through as much as I can on the server - I've just come across this in the logs for the individual builds.  It produces a build.xml with information about the build - part of the xml for a successful build is this:


<scm plugin="plasticscm-plugin@2.0" class="com.codicesoftware.plugins.hudson.ChangeSetReader"/>


whereas in a build where we see the above error, we get this:


<scm class="hudson.scm.NullChangeLogParser"/>

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Plastic is - we've not updated for a while.

Jenkins is 1.502, but we've seen it on a range of versions

Plastic plugin for jenkins is v2


There doesn't really seem to be a pattern - we just check something in and have the plastic plugin polling, sometimes it will build, sometimes not.  We see the same thing if we trigger the build manually in Jenkins also - sometimes works, sometimes not.  It does seem to be getting worse, in that we seem to have more failures in a row before it then succeeds, though I don't have any quantitative figures on that.

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One final thing just in case it makes a difference - we check out in the region of 11,000 files totalling around 470mb.  Also if we use the "update" option on the plugin rather than recreating the workspace from scratch, I don't think we see the issue (certainly not as frequently), but I'm not sure if that affects our build process by having files left behind from a previous build - I need to test further. 


On that note - if we remove a file, should the update option remove it from the local workspace, or will it only do changes and additions?

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