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Can't change database types in OS X


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I have a new install of PlasticSCM on OS X 10.9 via PlasticSCM-


I had to install XQuartz 2.7.5 (xorg-server 1.14.4)


When I run 'Server configuration' from /Applications, I can go through all the screens just fine. When I get to the end, there is a hypelink in the text that is supposed to allow me to change my database targets and perform a migration. In my case, I want to go from SQLite to PostgreSQL.


However, when I click that link, nothing happens. I have re-started the 'plasticsd' process many times. I have run Server configuration many times. I have rebooted my iMac. No matter what, nothing happens when I click that link.


Please advise. I am excited to use this product but, given project timelines, will have to look for alternatives if things do not improve soon.


Thanks in advance.






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Hi NJ!


First of all we have to check if the regular server is up and running.


A "cm lrep" command should return you the default repository. If it says that there're no repositories in the server, then something is wrong with the server and we need to take a look into the "plastic.server.log". Post it to us.


If the default repository is returned you can issue the "admintool" tool (at the server directory folder). There you can migrate the repository.

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Hi Manu. Thanks for the reply. For some reason, although I am subscribed to the thread, I didn't receive the notification of your post.


I ran the command and it returned my repository as I would expect.


I see there is an admintool.exe in /Applications/PlasticSCM/server but can't run it because I'm on a Mac. Is there another way or am I missing something?

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I think we are not providing the admintool with an script in mac, that's a pain, sorry.


You can invoke it directly using mono:


mono admintool.exe


But I think it will be easy for you (as you don't need to migrate data) to paste your desired db.conf file and restart the server.


1) As root/admin, move the actual db.conf to db.conf.sqlite

2) Create a new db.conf file with this content:

<ConnectionString>Server=localhost;Port=5432;Database={0};User Id=postgres;Password=YourPassWord;Pooling=false;</ConnectionString>

3) Change the user Id and Password fields.

4) Restart the Plastic SCM server and review that the PostgresSQL database is created.

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