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Archiving finished projects from Cloud


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Is it possible to pull the entire repository and archive it locally? Relating to that, how do you restore the archived repository if the project is reopened in the future?

There is a good chance we'll never return to the finished project, so it feels redundant to store it in the cloud when we have a proper storage archive on premises.

I'm familiar with backing up and restoring the local SqLite files, but I'm not sure how this workflow would apply to the cloud...

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It's not difficult, you just need pull the cloud repository to your local server. The sync view will help with that, you can even reuse a local repository having partial history of the cloud repository (http://blog.plasticscm.com/2011/08/this-is-how-i-use-synch-view.html).

Then copy the local server databases an store them in a safe place. I'm not sure with database backend you are using, if it's sqlite then copy the repository databases and that's all. If you are using MySQL then you'll need to dump the database, easy too.

Once you have a backup you are safe to delete the cloud repository.

If you later need to keep working on that project the steps are the same but in reverse. Copy/Import the database, add it to your local server using the "cm addrep" command and finally push it to a new Cloud repository.

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I was following the directions from administrator guide and I hit a wall -- or a port rather.

Running the command 

cm lrep localhost:8087 --format=TABLE

resulted with "Error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it Server: plastic://localhost:8087"

I recall the standard PlasticSCM version came with a server configuration wizard, but we are using the Cloud edition. Is it using a different port or does this guide even apply here?

[Tip to devs: this could really benefit from a GUI! One time I managed to break PlasticSCM to the point it refused to start when trying to backup sqLite databases]

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