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Local Network replication (or proxy?) server with cloud

Alexandre Fiset

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I'm new to PlasticSCM Cloud Edition (coming from Perforce).

Our goal is to setup a distributed version control system where the admin is "allowed" to create a local network server that replicates data to and from the cloud.

Users should be able to sync with the local network repo instead of the cloud. They should also be able to sync their own local repo directly with the cloud.

We want to avoid the situation where we setup a build machine, get the /main and have it all downloaded from the cloud. Our latest project was ~40 gb in size, so doing so each time and for each file sent by one of the 8 team members is a bit overkill, most of the time. For these cases, we would prefer to have a replication in our studio to connect to and benefit from the speed of our local network.

Is this doable? I've been searching and trying for two days now without success (Clients are Windows, LAN server is Ubuntu 12.04). I always end up with errors such as:

  • The client authentification mode (LDAPWorkingMode) doesn't match the server authentification (UPWorkingMode).
  • The same error as above, but inversed when trying to connect to the cloud with a client setup as UPWorkingMode (all regardless of the Profiles I have setup).
  • Explicit transaction expected, but found no transaction.
  • FATAL Daemon - Access to path /home/parabole/FB_1236665269.dll" is denied.

Also, it seems like Proxy require an Enterprise account. Is there another way to reduce the amount of data we have to load from the cloud?


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I was hoping there would have been an answer to this. We basically have the same situation where we have a cloud account we would like to replicate locally or cache common requests. Due to some crossed-wires I got the Plastic SCM proxy server running before realizing it only works with the Enterprise client.

Most of my team works in the same office but a few people work remotely. Ideally file locking would also work but I understand that breaks with distributed networks. Do we need to run a local server with the Team License and have our remote team members connect to that? Enterprise seems like overkill for what we are trying to do.

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Bit more exploring and found out that if I install the Team Edition client that it gives the option to connect to a Proxy server but the Proxy server logs an error when connected to Plastic Cloud. Which I assume means that Proxy support is not enabled with Plastic Cloud despite the option for it in the Team Edition client.

ERROR ExceptionTracerSink - Dumping in-transit exception:There has been an unexpected error "ReadDataForObjects is not available on the azure server". For more information check the server log.


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Hi, I think we already answer your support ticket. Just to summarize:

- Plastic Cloud doesn't support a proxy server. Note that the proxy server is just a data cache server, not a full hosted server allowinh replicas...

- You can always host your Plastic server and your developers connect to it instead of the cloud. This way, you can also use the locking workflow.

- You can still use the cloud to replicate your repos from your hosted server (or to support the workflow for distributed people) but note that the lock workflow will only work if all the developers are pointing to the same central server (hosted or cloud).



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