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GitSync and GitServer on OSX Plastic

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I'm using the OSX version of Plastic SCM - (The Faces - Stay With Me). It's the Cloud version.

I can't see any option to sync via GitSync in the GUI - on the Windows version, one can get to this via the branch view and then right-clicking on a branch.

Are either (or both) of GitSync / GitServer supported by the OSX Cloud version?



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I can't figure out how to get the command line version to work.  It keeps erroring out in various ways depending on what I try.  On Windows, I right click on the branch I want to sync, choose GitSync and enter in the git address given by gitlab along with my username/pw

On the command line I've wasted 20 minutes so far trying to figure it out.  Why can't this just be in the GUI like on Windows?

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