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Assertion failed when running GitSync

Johan Ung

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ran into a problem when trying to migrate a SVN repository to Plastic (going via Git). I'm using SCM-Manager (v 1.54) to host Git the git repository, no errors in console output there.

I get an Assertion failed according to the attached image.

Attached error from windows event viewer and server logs as well.

Any suggestions of things I should try?


Plastic SCM version


Best Regards,







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Hi manu,

I actually tried the fast-export way first but had some issues with filenames containing none-ascii characters (åäö). Found some old posts about similar issues on the forum but didn't find any way of working around it. I guess renaming the files won't help since they still have a bad name in history?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yup same error.

I revisited the GitSync option and tried to get that working instead, cloning a bare repo and trying to avoid delta packing I was able to get another error (attached image). Now it's time to confess, I missed a very obvious thing that at least caused this last error. Out of disk.

So, freeing up some disk space and running GitSync again I'm all the way to 99% when it fails due to "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host", so I guess that git-daemon closed the socket. I'm trying yet again with ScmManager as the Git sever instead, bare repo and enough free disk space. Fingers crossed.

Looks like the temp file that fills up disk space is created by the git lib you use, files are created similar to this location: C:\Users\johan.ung\AppData\Local\Temp\c5453f4d-3c0f-4528-bc64-ac19c3629af8\pack_git2_a13552. Maybe something to investigate if the size of this temp file could be reduced during GitSync in the future.


(If this fails again I'll try to get you a no-data export file as well)




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