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Some files don't update


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Hi, Gluon noob here. Occasionally when passing files around one won't download when updating workspace. We have to go to configure - the file is checked, but green - then hit apply and the file downloads. The parent folder is completely checked so I'm not sure what's going on.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!



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The Gluon interface is so lean I'm not even sure where to find the version info :/

But the situation was that an artist I was working with created a new file and checked it in. I hit 'update workspace' on my machine but the file didn't show up. So I went to 'configure', navigated to the folder and saw the file as shown in the image attached to my original post, green checkmark and text. Without changing anything, I hit 'apply' and the file downloaded.

This doesn't happen very often and I haven't been able to determine what we're doing differently on the occasions when it does occur. So I assumed the green highlight meant something, but wasn't able to find anything specific in the documentation.

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- You can open a console and run "cm version".

- Is the parent folder fully checked or the whole workspace content fully checked?

- The next time it happens, it would be great to focus on the unchecked file and review the last changes: if it was moved by your coworker, renamed...

- I guess you are not using this workspace with the regular Plastic GUI, right?

- There is a command line option that you may find useful to know:

Gluon UI: The option '--restorefulldirs' was added to the 'partial configure' command. This option allows resetting the directory configuration in partial workspaces.

Check 'cm partial configure --help' for more info.



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