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GitSyncing question


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I'm successfully using the GitSync feature and I'm loving it!!


I was looking to Branch Explorer and I found this image and one question was raised.




As you can see in the attached image, it seems that I have 2 parent changeset in the same branch. Isn't it a branch with two heads?!

Currently I'm using this repo as "read only" code and I'm not doing any changes on it.

Can you explain me what does this mean?


Thanks in advance!


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Hi Plácido,


Just as a comment from a fellow Plastic user, I don't see 2 parent changesets in your example picture - just two labels, plus it looks like your current changeset is lagging behind the branch head (i.e. you are not tracking the branch, your workspace is switched to a specific changeset).


Maybe you need to rearrange the view manually to make the heads more obvious?



BTW: you can have a branch with two heads in Plastic - like Mercurial. However this means you have two *children* that share the same ancestor - not two *parents*. You'll see this if you share a branch with somebody else and they make a commit while you have pending changes - IIRC, one way that Plastic lets you resolve this is to make a changeset of your pending changes and then a merge commit that joins both the heads together.


You'll also see this if you import from a Mercurial repo via hg-git and GitSync, as I have in the past - you can have a single branch in Plastic with a non-linear history - this is just like a 'named branch' in Mercurial.








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What's happening is that the latest changeset is the default changeset #0 and it's having a newer time-stamp than the rest of changesets you have imported using GitSync.


I think we fixed this, at least for the replication operation. Cidico, are you using the latest release?


Anyway, it's just a drawing issue, as soon as you create new content you will leave the glitch behind.



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Hi Manu and Gerard!


1: Thanks for your time Gerard! I said that has two parent changesets because the Branch Explorer legend says that the "strong" arrow means "parent changeset link".

This was the reason for my question. If you zoom in the picture, you will see that there's two parent changeset links going to the end of the branch, see here:




This is what I'm not getting. As I said, this is a read-only repo to me right now. I'm not doing any changes on it. So, I was wondering if this a gitsyng related "feature" or something.




Manu, the #0 changeset is at the beginning of the branch as you can see here:




The changeset's 0 datetime is way before I even import the repository.

I'm using the version


So... Can I rest in piece about this issue? :)


Thanks for your time!!


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One more thing about GitSync:


Is it on the GitSync's roadmap to add the branch's comments added on plastic to the sync?!

Today my branches's comments are not being synced...




And I'm having problems with changeset's comment being truncated in git.

My comments in plastic are fine but when I sync in git some comments are being truncated. 

But the sync is working fine! :)
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