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I am not able to setup triggers.


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Hello, newbie here.

We are developing a game. Our developers making changes to source code and our artists regularly need to compile source code since it changes rapidly.

[we are not distributing  any stable built etc.]

So what I am trying to achieve is, when people update their workspace from gluon, I want auto compile.


So we have a basic batch file;
Path oFile\Build.bat GameEditor Win64 Development "path to file\game." -waitmutex >nul


So as far as I understand (I might be wrong), I should be able to configure a client trigger with such as;

cm trigger create after-update "Auto compile" "path to batch file/LetsBuildOurGame.bat"

The command above executed in my local computer and also LetsBuildOurGame.bat file is inside my local computer.


But I am not able to trigger build when I run workspace update from gluon.


I also created a basic ruby program which sleeps for 2 minutes, just to check if there is a problem regarding to batch file (Maybe it is killed before executing anythıng etc.) But still I didn't observe any delay(I was expecting 2 minutes delay since thread will be sleeping for 2 minutes).


I also tried to add before-clientcheckout trigger to see if something wrong with after-update trigger. Nothing happened when checking out to a file from gluon.


Am I missing something?

Should I create this triggers in server even though they are executed on client? (Btw we are using cloud.)


I would appreciate your help.



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The thing is the update in Gluon is internally a different operation "cm partial update". And I'm afraid that we don't have yet triggers for the partial update.

We should specify it in our documentation and eventually support triggers for the partial update operation.

Sorry for the inconveniences,

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