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Unable to update the .sln file


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Hey there! I have encountered a weird problem after updating some of my own assets and bringing them into the project.

Basically I have added some assembly definitions so the solution file for my project got updated, but no matter what I do - plastic won't let me commit it, which is very frustrating.

I use only the main Plastic SCM client (with no unity plugin or the built-in Plastic SCM integration). I attached the screenshot of the error.

As the message suggests - I tried undoing things, then relaunching unity and checking-in again - but it creates the same error. I also tried removing all the new assembly references that were added to the file but that also throws an error. So far I am completely unable to check-in the file which is extremely frustrating.

I really wish I could also understand what does "not being in sync with the changeset" means, considering I completely undid the changes, made sure everything is updated and tried to commit it again.

Screenshot 2021-05-04 070322.png

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Ok, update:

I was able to solve it by doing the next black magic ritual:

- Undo the changes

- Check out the file and check it in WITH NO CHANGES (apparently that's a thing we can do)

- Reload unity so it updates the solution

- Check it in again now with changes

I still would like to understand the technical reasons behind it, but at least I can work now...

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The reason for this problem is that some files were changed and then moved to a different changeset without checking them in. As the files were modified, Plastic did not update those files and thus they are not the ones that should be loaded in the changeset. 
In order to avoid losing any changes, Plastic is preventing you from checking them in (overriding the previous one).

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