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Billing when team member works on two separate servers?


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We are looking to splitting our team to different cloud instances (not sure about the correct terms here, information is difficult to find) to better organize our work and automations.

If we have workers committing to RepoA@xyz@cloud and RepoB@abc@cloud at the same month, how does that factor into the billing?

Are the hosting costs split between servers or both servers have their own tabs?

Thanks in advance.

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If you have two different cloud organizations (subscriptions) each user has to pay the license fee for each one. Cloud price is free for up to three users and 5 GB of cloud storage. From the 4th user, the price is $7/month per active user. Once you exceed the 5 GB, the extra storage is paid per organization. The price is $5/month per team for up to 15 GB, $20/month per 100 GB, and $7 for every 50 GB above per month. These prices are applied to each cloud organization.



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