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Could the binary vs text detection be improved for Unity YAML (asset) files?


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I noticed that Plastic often doesn't display a file revision diff, because it thinks the file is binary, like this:


For this reason, I started configuring the filetypes.conf file, which works correctly when I add the entry and restart the client.

However, I'm wondering, wouldn't it be possible to improve this auto detection for files within Unity? In our case, almost all files in the Unity project are text files, because they are all serialized to YAML, which makes them human readable, diffable and mergeable. I often like to see what changes I exactly made to prefabs or ScriptableObjects and I can check in the YAML in the pending changes view. But the detection issues seem to mean I have to setup every single file type. Is this really necessary or is there a better way? Either for me configuring things or for Plastic developers to improve the detection maybe with some assumptions about Unity projects?

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Thanks, here's our current list. It's not exhaustive but only the most common which we use in our day-to-day work. Almost all of them are serialized as YAML, which is a plain text format and looks very readable, so that's why I was wondering why the auto-detection even thinks they are binary.






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