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Cannot access a Branch due to server encryption


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Hello There! I have a problem and need help to solve.

So We have this branch where it is created by a Client and the other created by the Server, the Encryption password is match in all branches except for this branch which is created by Client. even thoght the server admin inserted the password into this Branch correctly, it's still denied to decrypt the data from this branch which is made by Client. How to solve this?

Best Regard,

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According to your explanation, it makes me think that some checkin in this branch was created with a wrong encryption key. Could you try to find the changeset where the issue started? The issue should also happen when you open the diff view.

You will need to delete the changesets created with a wrong encryption key (or deprecate the branch).

Also by figuring out where the issue started, we can review the user who performed the checkin and reconfiogure the encryption password in their machine to be sure they are using the right one.



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