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Is it possible to change my account to password authentication from UnityID authentication?


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I'm evaluating Plastic SCM now.

I created my Plastic SCM account with my UnityID to logging in, but for some reason I want to change my account to password authentication instead of using UnityID.
The reason why I don't want to use UnityID is that we don't use Unity for our project, so I don't want to create UnityID if not neccesary.
Is it possible to change my account to password authentication from UnityID authentication?

And is there any inconvinience if I use Plastic SCM account by password authentication instead of UnityID?
It seems that user profile is not available with UnityID. I tried it with another account which is authenticated by using password with temporary e-mail, it seems working well.

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Hi @hwang, yes, it's possible to change your login method for Plastic SCM after already logging in before. You can use the command line (or Terminal on Mac) to rerun the Plastic SCM Client Configuration tool.

On Windows, in the command prompt, type in "plastic --configure".

On Mac/Linux, in the Terminal, type in "plasticgui --configure".

From there, you can choose to login either with a Unity ID or with an Email and Password, then continue using Plastic SCM.

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Hi, ryancassell.
Thank you for replying me.
Sorry for my question not being clear.

1. I already have UnityID(like myemail@xxxx.com)
2. Then I signed up Plastic SCM account using my UnityID.
3. Now I can sign in with my UnityID.
4. But I decided not to use my UnityID to sign in to PlasticSCM.
5. Then I tried to sign in to Plastic SCM with my email and password but failed,
    because I didn't sign up with any password before.
6. So I tried to sign up again using my email(myemail@xxxx.com),
    but this procedure also failed because my myemail@xxxx.com is already exists.
7. In this forum I found a quiestion how to cancel my account. It says I can cancel my account any time in the dashboard by clicking "cancel".
    But I cannot find the "cancel" anywhere...
8. So I don't know what to do next. Maybe I need to ask this to the support to do it for me.

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Apparently, this approach does not work anymore, as I am getting "Cannot reset the password for accounts that uses Unity ID. Please try resetting your password in https://id.unity.com"

And in the "Edit account" settings it shows "Your account is configured to use your Unity ID to authenticate. If you'd like to change your password, you need to edit your Unity ID profile."


Does it mean that it's not possible anymore to switch to login/password authentication?

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Hi @Jackch, let me try to fully understand your case. You already have an account you are using via Unity ID and now you would like to register at plasticscm.com via email /password?


What is your email account/UnityID? You can open  ticket with us if you prefer it:




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I want to be able to enter my existing plasticscm account via entering login/password pair instead of using "Sign in with Unity ID".

The main reason why I need this change is that login/password has better support to be used from CLI, while "Unity ID" method requires web browser to be used. Here is the reference to another issue related to my usecase:


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I have a basic question:   How can I create an own post here in the Forums? (own topic)

I can only "submit reply" to existing topics, but can't see anywhere a button to create a new post.

(Only to be able to ask I'm "answering" to this topic)

Many thanks ,


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