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Can't use sync or view local profile error: The given key 120, Unable to resolve remote name, Organizations configuration file does not exist

Alex Fortirus

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Hello there! I'm new to Plastic and try my best to solve this problem to myself, but atlast - i'm stack. So, what's the proble:

  1. I'm trying Plastic in distributed mode to work with an existing project
  2. When the program was launched for the first time, the wizard for creating the first workplace opened - I selected the mode, indicated the name and address of the local repository, and selected the one in the cloud
  3. The workplace, repository and sync rule was created, but when i try to look at the branches of cloud to pull whem by the sync i get this error:image.png.d2ddf2619c4b477f7605186dc230ade8.png
  4. Also when i try to look at my local profile setting i got this error: Cannot retrieve the profile from local. Details: *one from below*
  5. So,I looked at the log and there was an error (the second replaced the first after several reinstallations of the Plastic) :
  6. ERROR PlasticRestApi - There was an error while calling 'https://local:7179/api/v1/login/accesstoken': This host is unknown. (local:7179)
    ERROR PlasticRestApi - There was an error while calling 'https://local:7179/api/v1/login/accesstoken': The remote name could not be resolved: 'local'


  7. And the server log (plastic.errors.log.**) have:
  8. (null) (null) ERROR Organizations - Organizations configuration file 'C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\server\organizations.conf' does not exist!
  9. What I did trying to fix them:

  • I test this port (local:7179) in cmd (netstat) and powershell (Test-NetConnection) - it did not find it

  • I checked the services from Plastic - they work, even restarting

  • Added this port and services to the exceptions in the firewall and my antivirus

  • Created an empty 'organizations.conf' file - because of this, the rest of the functionality of the program stopped working and the server simply gave an error about this file

  • Clear (with delete the the 'PlasticSCM5' folder) reinstalled the program

But nothing could fix the problem, only the error text changed. What could be the reason - why the local server cannot start normally? Or is the problem something else? 
For now, I will work in centralized mode, like the rest of the team, but I still want to make distributed work as well.

I have attached the server and client logs.

plastic.relevant.log.20220623.txt plastic.debug.log.20220623.txt plastic.debug.log.20220623.txt plastic.errors.log.20220623.txt

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Let's clarify first what is your jey problem. I guess is the error you are showing in the sync view, right? I don't any of the errors you are showing from the log are related to it.

Actually the problem is the replica operation so we should check the server logs (C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\server\plastic.debug.log.txt).

I'm guessing if something is wrong with your local repo database. if you create a new clean local repo to pull from the cloud repo, does the issue persists?




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