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Ignore file when merging from different branch


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Hey everyone,


I would like to knbow if this is possible to ignore some file when merging from another branch. Let me explain.

  • I have two branch A and B.
  • I have a folder named X in both branches and a folder named Y in the branch B.
  • I am on the branch B and I make some modification inside both folders, X and Y, and I commit, always on branch B.
  • Now I go back on branch A and I want to merge from branch B but I only want to retrieve the modifications made inside folders X not Y.

How can I do that ? Is it possible ?

Tell me if this is not clear enough.

Thanks a lot !

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- If the changes were performed in different changesets, you can select the desired changesets to merge (this is a Plastic "cherry pick" operation). You don´t need to merge all the changesets of the branch.


- If the changes were performed in the same changeset and there are conflicts, you can just select "Keep destination" on the desired conficts.




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I'm thinking you have to merge, then delete the files you don't want, then commit the delete.


As you pointed out, you have directory Y in branch B that you do NOT want in branch A, but when you merge from branch B (where folder Y is under source control) to branch A (where they don't currently exist), the merge will create them with NO CONFLICT - so no way to deselect them.


As pointed out above, the only possible way around that would be to do a cherry pick - assuming the directory was (or files were) created in an early change set - meaning you do the merge from each change set on the branch, not the branch itself.  Cherry picking a change set will only show the files that have changed for that specific change set - not all previous change sets (as selecting the branch would).  If there were changes on folder X AND folder Y in a single change set, you will end up with folder Y in branch A that would have to be deleted post merge.

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