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Unexpected char 0x0

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I think I've busted my database!?  My CPU overheated and PC crashed, probably in the middle of a push.  Whenever I open Plastic and try to refresh I get an 'Unexpected char 0x0' error.


Any idea on the steps required to solve this?



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Hi Jakes,


can you give us your server log file? It's called "plastic.server.log" and it's inside the Plastic SCM server directory.


Can you open the branch explorer? Switching your workspace to an older changeset works?

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Well, the good point is that the server log is free of errors. The latest one is the following and it's not even a real error.

2015-04-17 11:32:11,295  NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM at  ERROR Replication - Error processing replication operation. The source branch can't have multiple heads.    at Codice.CM.Server.Replication.PackageChangesetsCalculator.a(b A_0)
   at Codice.CM.Server.Replication.PackageChangesetsCalculator.d()
   at Codice.CM.Server.Replication.RemotePushOperation.d()
   at Codice.CM.Server.Replication.RemotePushOperation.a()
   at Codice.CM.Server.Replication.RemotePushOperation.DoExecute()
   at Codice.CM.Server.Replication.RemoteReplicationOperation.Execute()
   at Codice.CM.Server.Replication.ReplicatorDaemon.a(Object A_0)

I would check the following.


1) Upgrade the server installation to the latest 5.4 release.

2) From the server machine test a "cm lrep localhost:8087 --stack" command, tell the result.

3) Download a trial license to check if it's, somehow, a problem with the license file.

4) Copy the databases to another machine, setup a Plastic SCM server and connect the databases to the server. Check if it works.

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Just got the same problem from a BSOD at shutdown on a client machine. The user closed Plastic, then initiated Window's shutdown and a BSOD appeared. At reboot, the above error appeared when launching Plastic. Re-installing Plastic did not fix the problem.


Another client copied his plastic.wktree / plastic.selector over the corrupt ones and it fixed the problem. 


Seems like Plastic was still writing onto those files (even if the client was closed, service?) when Windows tried to shutdown and it corrupted it & BSOD'd. 


Hopefully this is all this error was about and no damage was done to the server. 

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If it's the same case as the one Jake faced you don't have to worry, it's a client side failure and the server is OK.


Thank you for debugging the issue, the "plastic.wktree" file stores the items you have loaded in your workspace, it's a tree structure binary serialized.


This file is updated/written during an update operation or a checkin operation but during the checkin operation the data is already stored inside the repository so there's not information lost.


The strange thing is that the file is only updated with the client is open... so who knows.... maybe the BSOD was caused by a software writing outside of it boundaries and it end up affecting Plastic...

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