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Undo and Shelve crash gtkplastic


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Every time I use Undo and/or Shelve in gtkplastic it crashes. However, it does perform the undo or shelve operation before it crashes so it does not prevent shelve or undo from being used. It is currently only an annoyance, especially since to shelve and undo a change to have to shelve it, which crashes and does not perform the undo, if you choose the undo option, before it crashes. Then you have to start gtkplastic again and perform the undo, where it crashes again so you have to start it yet again  :(

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I have attached the gtkplastic.log.txt file. There are a lot of messages in there that go back for quite some time. The ones in question, from shelve and undo crashing, would be the recent ones in December. It looks to be due to:


2015-12-23 15:55:58,510 (null) mwilson at (null) ERROR ExceptionHandler - [unhandledGLibExceptionHandler] Unexpected error: Argument is out of range.
Parameter name: index
2015-12-23 15:55:58,523 (null) mwilson at (null) ERROR Program - The runtime is terminating [True]


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unfortunately we are not able to reproduce the error. Is it possible to you to clone your machine, remove all the data you want and send it to us?

Creating another VM with the same Linux image would also be another oprtion.


Thank you for your help and reporting the issue.

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