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Stability when switching branches


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What is the most stable way of switching branches in Visual Studio?

If I use the View -> Plastic SCM -> Branch Explorer to switch branches, it works fine maybe 3 out of 4 times, but about 1 out of 4 times something goes wrong. Typically Visual Studio crashes or Visual Studio is not aware of all project changes, which makes the build fail, even though, the build should be perfect.

Sometimes the problems can be resolved by closing and opening the solution, but often a Visual Studio restart is required.

I have two questions:

Am I the only one experiencing these common stability issues when switching branches?

What is the most stable (and reasonably fast) way for switching branches?

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Hi Soho,

All the issues you are having switching between branches from the Visual Studio Package are caused by the Visual Studio interaction. I'm sure that the switch to branch operation will work fine without the VS.

As far as I know you are the only user having troubles with it, we appreciate all your feedback due to some of the reported bugs were reproduced locally by our team and they could be fixed.

All our ways switching to a branch are equally stable, the one from the command line (cm stb) is the fastest one due to is not surrounded by the GUI or VS.



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Admittedly, crashing is not the most common scenario, but it does occur frequently. A far more common scenario is a wrong solution state of some kind. Typically projects are not properly reloaded if they differ in the other branch. This happens very often when I switch branches.

Also loading a different project simply doesn't work. Plastic will think it is still using the old workspace until VS is restarted, so VS has to be restarted every time I change Plastic workspace.

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If switching branches have known stability issues, perhaps you should automatically close / open the solution when switching branches?

Whether it is an issues with VS or Plastic, the problems happen in the interaction between the two, so if it is an VS issue, the plugin should automatically use a workaround.

If you build a bridge and cars start falling off when it rains, you could blame the car makers or put up some guard rails. In fact, perhaps it is the car makers fault, but I would still prefer some guard rails.

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We do not have known stability issues. Maybe some VS versions do. We do use it on a daily basis, switch branches like crazy, and it is very, very strange that we get a crash. I mean, it would be a number one priority bug and we do not have a single one detected right now.

Each single release we produce goes under 24 hours of automatic testing (nunit, gui tests, cli tests under Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 2008, several linux flavours, Mac OS X, and then combining windows server with linux client and viceversa, then all the supported backends). It doesn't mean, at all, that it is perfect, but we truly try to do our best. We try to put as much safety as we can on the product.

Soho, honestly, you've the world record on Plastic SCM issues. We're not aware of anyone having so many problems, all of them tough ones by the way. And I bet you're getting an excellent support as a pure non-paying community user, aren't you? I just asked one of our developers to go and review your ENTIRE issue list and I'll have a meeting to personally review the pending ones.



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