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  1. Very good news! How can we use Dynamic Workspace with TeamCity? I think this will give a huge boost to the build pipeline
  2. Hello, I've integrated TeamCity with PlasticSCM, and everything works just fine, Here is few details about my environment: I do Branch per Task I use same branch for both platforms Android and iOS I have two TeamCity -> Build Configuration , one for Android and one for iOS Some branch affects only one of the platforms and I want the build to start on the relevant platform, what I am thinking of is adding another attribute for platform, so it will be: status=resolved platform=ios in that case I want TeamCity to start building the iOS version only, I think the best way is if I can add two attributes to the "Enable plastic branch filtering" option, but I could not find a way to do that
  3. I really need the support for TeamCity plugin: Versioned settings which is available in the latest version released 3 days ago, But when I try to download it I get a 404 error Please note that this happened in previous versions
  4. Hello, I noticed that there is no Team Edition anymore, and I could not find clarification about what is going to happen to this edition / license model, I need on-premise server with 7 users, it was the best option for me, can you explain what is going to happen in the future and when? Thanks
  5. BrExGeneralIntro BrExTipOnlyRelevant BrExTipUseTheSearch BrExTipFilterBranches BrExTipCustomColors PlasticPendingChangesMerge PlasticMergeNoConflicts BrExSlowRangeTooBig PlasticPendingChangesFrustrationRefreshNoFilter PlasticPendingChangesDotPrivate PlasticPendingChangesWithAdded PlasticMergeWithConflicts PlasticNewVersionAvailable PlasticPendingChangesEmptyState PlasticQueryViewsExplainFilterAndAdvanced PlasticMergeWithDirectoryConflicts PlasticPendingChangesMovedOnlyFiles PlasticPendingChangesMovedFilesAndDirectories PlasticMergeServerSideMergeFinished PlasticWkExplExplainSearch I wish there is an option to completely disable hints, I work with Plastic for 6 years now, I read almost every release note, I don't want any hints while I am working, PLEASE add Global Disable Hints options. Thank you
  6. Hello, I could not find the plugin link for TeamCity https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/8889-plastic-scm
  7. Thank you for your quick reply, I suggest to update the documentation to reflect this point, it will helpful for other users who have the same issue and trying to find a way to reduce the size Thank you very much for the clarification. I will add my voice to the feature request in that case and hope it'll become available soon. Regards, Khaled
  8. Hello Carlos, In that case what is the use of 'archive' command and what about Symlink and other suggestion in my post like specify path per repository? Thanks
  9. Hello, I wounder if there is any way to reduce or compact the size of Jet database, we are using PlasticSCM for 5+ years now, and it is really great, but we are facing the issue with big database size. I was trying to workaround this issue using either: archive command or distributing database files on more than one hard drive 1- Archive command I read about the 'archive' command as the documentation says it is used to reduce the size of the database, so correct me if I am wrong what is the use of 'archive' command? Here is the documentation about archiving But I could not find any help regarding 'compact' command for Jet database 2- Distributing database on multiple hard drive Is there any way to specify hard drive per repository? or maybe specify multiple hard drives then using some rules if the first drive is almost full the database will start using the secondary drive and so on I also thought about using 'hardlink' (symlink) but I am not sure if that has a side effect on integrity or performance of Jet database Related post: Thanks,
  10. Thank you for the quick reply, I've sent you the required file
  11. Hi, I am getting the following error when try to sync two servers both servers using Jet database 2019-08-21 10:44:23,735 User-PC ERROR Operations - OnError catching exception [The given key was not present in the dictionary.] - Plastic server version: 2019-08-21 10:44:23,736 ERROR PlasticProto.ConnectionFromClient - conn 3. Error in ProcessMethodCall for method GetReplicationSyncStatus. There has been an unexpected error "The given key was not present in the dictionary.". For more information check the server log. the issue started when I was trying to checkin my changes in new branch then my PC freezes and I had to restart, after that the newly created changeset was gone and I started to face this issue Now I can create branches and changeset, but I will not be able to sync the servers I opened rep_4/branches/names.dat and found the branch's name which cause the issue, but I cannot find this branch in Branches tab or in Branch Explorer tab. Is there any thing I can do to solve this issue?
  12. Hello calbzam, Thanks for the reply, I once used it in the past, but I don't need it anymore. Currently I am using "Sync repositories" between two PlasticSCM servers which I think is not related to GitServer, right?
  13. Hello, I've installed Plastic server on System drive "C" , and the database on E drive, my repository is about 60 Gb, I am using Sync Repository to another server, few days ago I've started to run out of space after analyzing my system drive I found this path: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\plastic4\gitserver\git\63be3122-231a-472f-9c56-25a49296add0\objects which is 22 Gb, and I don't know what is used for, can I delete it or move it to another drive without break anything Thanks
  14. Hello Manu, I am having the same exact issue, I am using the latest Version BTW is this issue exist in the upcoming version 7 ?
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