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Multiple heads after git sync


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We are syncing a Plastic repo with a BitBucket repo.


In BitBucket, user1 merged a changeset from branch A into the main branch, and then committed 4 more changesets into main. User2 then created a new changeset in BItBucket on branch A, using the latest changeset on main as the parent. At least, that is how it appears to have synced across, as you can see from the attached image (the topmost branch is branch A, and the bottom one is main).


This has left multiple heads in branch A, and I can't figure out how to merge it in Plastic so that I can sync new changesets I have back to git.


Can anyone give me any suggestions?






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If you are using a recent Plastic version, and the branch has multiple heads, the error message now should let you know the specific changeset id to be merged.

A branch with multiple heads cannot be pushed. Previously, the error message did not give any useful information. Now, it specifies the heads that need to be merged, so you can unify the heads and push the branch without error.



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