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Plastic SCM 5/Bugzilla 5.0.3/IIS 10 - Issue Tracker Integration issue

Patrice Domange

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Following the dedicate guide to integrate Bugzilla with SCM, It raise an the error below while testing the connexion:2017-01-07 20_17_43-Plastic SCM preferences.png 

I had copied the plastic.gci script and bugzillaextension.dll (as described in SCM blog, not in the documentation) but the same error is still raised ?!?

Quid ?

Technical Informations :

Windows 10- 64bits, Plastic SCM, Bugzilla 5.0.3/Strawbery Perl 5.7.17/IIS 10.0.1493.0


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The blog post you mentioned is very old. The files are already included in the client "C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\client\extensions\bugzilla". The steps from the guide should enough. The last time we tested the integration was with Bugzilla v4.

Could you enable the Palstic SCM client log and attach the output file after reprodicing the issue again?




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Hi Patrice,

this is the error Plastic is receiving from Bugzilla:


2017-01-12 20:03:58,258 ERROR PlasticThread - Error when performing background operation: Le serveur a commis une violation de protocole. Section=ResponseHeader Detail=Le nom de l'en-tête n'est pas valide
2017-01-12 20:03:58,258 DEBUG PlasticThread - Stack trace:    à System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()

I'm afraid Bugzilla 5 is not supported yet so we'll need to test it and try to resolve the problems.

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