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WebUI Code Review Issues


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When using the new WebUI, the code review doesn't have a word wrap feature, nor does it have a horizontal scroll bar.  If it goes off the screen, the only way to be able to see it all is to expand the browser window across multiple monitors, or shrink the zoom significantly.

Also, it appears that when our users insert comments - only the comments on the first files are remembered.  Anything after gets lost.

Is there anywhere in the config files that I can make a change to fix this?

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In checking the source of the code on chrome, we found that the footer blocks the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom.

section-footer_copy[data-v-520a6f8b]{color:#64819b}.maximized[data-v-4f45c513]{height:calc(100vh - 3rem);overflow:hidden}

If we change the above to:

section-footer_copy[data-v-520a6f8b]{color:#64819b}.maximized[data-v-4f45c513]{height:calc(100vh - 3rem);overflow:visible}

It can be seen.

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