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[Resolved] One-time import of Git bare repo into Plastic Cloud

Aki Kanerva

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Hi there,

New user here, trying to figure out how to migrate an existing Git repo into Plastic Cloud. This is just a one-time operation, I don't need to sync anything with Git after the initial import.

I have a local Git repo in bare format, exported with the git clone --mirror command. How do I use this package as the basis of a new Plastic Cloud repo?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Aki,

There are different possibilities to import a git repo to Plastic:


- You can create a git fast-export package of your repo and then this package can me imported into Plastic.

- You can use GitSinc. In order to use this option, your git repo should be located on a Git server.



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Thanks Carlos! Still need some further assistance though.

Following the example in the help page for fast-export, I exported the bare repo using the following command (took about an hour and a half):

git fast-export --all -M --signed-tags=strip --tag-of-filtered-object=drop > export.dat

Then I tried using this command to import it:

cm fast-import PlasticRepoName ..\GitRepo.git\export.dat

And received this output:

 ]uldn't process command [??b l o b
 ]ror: Couldn't process command [??b l o b


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Ah, I figured it out! I changed from PowerShell to Command Prompt, and things started working. Git produced the export in a matter of minutes, and the file size was a little less than half of what was generated when using Powershell. I'm guessing PowerShell insisted on using UTF-8 encoding or something weird.

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I'm glad that I saw this post. PowerShell messes up git exports so badly, it should probably be noted in the docs. The only time I've ever done a git export was for this. I thought it was weird that the PowerShell export took hours and produced a ~50GB file for an ~30GB repo. Doing everything on the normal command prompt produced a ~30GB file in less than a minute and I don't get that weird "]uldn't process command [??b l o b" error when importing.

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