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Plastic issue tracking missing on Linux


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I am currently trying to setup JIRA and got to my next step of integrating with plastic. We use Linux machines for development and when I went to go set up the preferences for issues tracking I noticed that they dont seem to exist the same way as the windows client. I have currently. And i do see there was an update recently, but I did not expect that to add this functionality. 


Is there a way to set up issue tracking on this version of the linux client?


Should I just downgrade back to an older version of the linux client?


Thanks for the help,



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Hi, please follow the next steps:


Files to configure:


Example of client.conf extra lines:
<Extension AssemblyFile="C:\Users\Miguel\wkspaces\codice-wrk\01nerva\bin\client\extensions\jira\jiraextension.dll" />

The issue tracker .conf files can be generated on windows and then transferred to the target linux machine.

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no issue trackers folder exists?? Placted config in the .plastic4 folder for now and this did not work

Edited the client.conf

Just want to reiterate that im on the gtk version of plastic.


What is the "<server>" syntax/name?


I tried making the folder structure 


I do not get nay errors it just seems like plastic is not recognizing what I want to do.

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Looked on the windows machine and copied the <server> folder used there. It did not seem to make a difference. This folder structure was no installed for the gtkplastic version I am using on linux and leads me to believe the functionality was never added to the new gtk version. Is this true?


If not i can't seem to get any indication that it does exist.


Thanks for the help though, I am just hoping to use this software together.

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We have tested the gtkplastic - Jira integration. But as I´ve said it´s not very user friendly now. We are adding more and more features each new release (and a full issue tracker GUI support will be included as well).


Meantime, please review that your "${HOME}/.plastic4/issuetrackers/<server>/allrepos/jira.conf" is configured for "Task per Branch" and the rest of the values are correct as well. The checkin results will be logged into the issue tracker linked task. 

As you probably know, the branches and the JIRA tasks are linked by the "Branch prefix" value of the "jira.conf".  You could even configure the JIRA integration in a Windows machine, check that everything is properly working and then just copy the "issuetrackers" folder in your Linux machine.


You could attach the gtkplastic log to check why the integration is not properly working in your scenario.




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When linking JIRA Issues to changesets nothing is updated in JIRA to reflect the change. When checking in items against an issue it updates the Plastic SCM field in JIRA.

Could it be an added setting that the info that would normally only be updated when checking in against an issue be updated when just linking an issue to a changeset.

This way I could add issue to changesets after checking in and keep JIRA updated with more information.

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Hi Ignotion,

I'm sorry but it's not supported yet, we don't have plans to have it soon as it's not having enough priority yet.

But just for you to know you can manually configure it as it's explained above, I know it's a manual process (2 steps) but it should work.

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Could you explain how to match branches to tasks manually. If I set up the Task by Branch files and then want to tag it all.


The main problem I see is that JIRA is only updated on checkins not when branches are tagged. So tagging after the fact doesnt get you anything.

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Hi crychair,

Our JIRA extension doesn't make JIRA display any information regarding the Plastic SCM branch linked to each particular task at the moment. Besides the information stored after each checkin, that is. The 'Task on branch' working mode applies only to how the Plastic SCM client displays task information in its views.

The JIRA extension (or any other Plastic SCM issue tracker extension) only works as an adapter to retrieve information from the issue tracker so it can be displayed on the Plastic SCM client, and additionally perform some actions using the issue tracker remote API.


If you'd like to see your workflow implemented in our extension system you can propose it in our UserVoice website and see if it gets enough traction! https://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general




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