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Plastic: Flawless Victory!


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Hello everybody!

Let me give you the good news:

In my company, we've decided to use Plastic SCM instead any other tool. :)

Until now, we've been using SVN, Source Safe and Plastic. (I know, a chaos....)

You did a wonderful job making the best source control tool made by man kind.. !

The tool made me a passionate user! :P

Just for curiosity, the final word was given by our interface developer (a.k.a, our designer), which is using SVN and Plastic at the same time in two different projects.

He's using Plastic for 2 months now and he turned to our director and said:

"There's no way we can compare SVN with Plastic. Really, NO WAY! I've been using both and Plastic is muuuuuch better. The merge support, the branch explorer is perfect!"

He doesn't even use 10% of Plastic that I do! :P

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