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Is there an easy way to determine the version/build of Plastic SCM?


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Hello Tom,

for the client is quite easy: "cm version".

For the server it's a little bit tricky, but you have two options:


  • Stop the windows PlasticSCM server service.
  • Open a command line window, change the dir to the PlasticSCM server directory.
  • Issue the following: "plasticd.exe --console" it will prompt you something like this:

Creating ServerSink
Plastic SCM daemon up. 3650 ms startup time


  • Open the "loader.log.txt"/plastic.log.txt file on the PlasticSCM server and search for something starting with: "INFO Daemon - Plastic SCM daemon up "
  • Get the last entry.


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Reviving this old thread for people coming here from Google only to realize that the two log files in question no longer exist.  It also makes me shudder when the default answer to the  question is to run a bunch of windows commands meaning people are running their SCM server on a windows machine.  *shudders* - there I go again.


Anyways, if you are looking for the server version these days go and find the plastic.relevant.log.txt which should be located in /opt/plasticscm5/server/ and open it up in your favorite editor like vim :D  The top line should read something like: 

2017-10-02 00:00:19,268   INFO  ServerStats - PLASTIC SCM SERVER VERSION:



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