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  1. Hi Matt, Thank you for your interest in Plastic SCM. About the migration, our support team answered above. About the rest of your questions: Where are the Plastic SCM cloud servers hosted? ---they are on Microsoft Azure; at setup time you may select the Datacenter you wish your data to be hosted. There are different options in Europe, of course, that will maximize performance Is there a limit to the cloud repository size? Does the $7.45/mo stay constant even upwards of 1TB? ---there is no limit. If you plan to go above 500GB, we are open to discussing the pricing- As it stands the system' bills $7.45/ 50GB above 100GB. Although we say we charge by GB, the service includes communications (download and uploads) which costs are at par with storage capacity. Does the Team license include the Jet backend? ---it does. What happens if we go from 15 to 16 users? Do you automatically need to switch to the enterprise license? We offer a transition price for Team Edition customers growing beyond 15 users and less than 30 users, which costs less than the Enterprise Edition. Please, write us to sales@codicesoftware.como to obtain a binding offer. I hope this helps. Does it make sense? Francisco
  2. Francisco

    Considering using Plastic

    Hi ethancodes, You may find the differences between Plastic SCM editions in this page: https://www.plasticscm.com/how-to-buy.html. You may also find some Q&A's related to the licensing options. Please, let us know if you have further questions.
  3. Francisco

    Personal edition license

    Please, let us know at sales@codicesoftware.com if you need assistance to get your personal license renewed. Thank you! Francisco
  4. Francisco

    Personal Edition for small team. Some questions.

    Hi Frantik, Plastic SCM for small teams has two options: the Team Edition and the Cloud Edition. These are the main differences between Plastic SCM Team Edition and Cloud Edition: (at the bottom of the Cloud Edition page you will find a more detailed explanation: Team Edition lets you have a central server in your office (or several ones if you wish) and it costs 9.95/user per month or $113/user per year. Team Edition allows you to check-in directly to the central on-premise server, no local server needed (but you can use it if you wish a Distributed Version Control workflow). You can add Cloud Extension to Team Edition, so you can have a server service in the cloud. You only pay for the storage used by the whole team, starting at $4.95/month up to 15GB. Above that, it has the same prices of the Cloud Edition storage (see them below) Cloud Edition you must have a central server in the Cloud (not on premise), you may check directly against your Cloud repos. As in Team Edition, you may setup a local server/repo on your machine(s) (and implement a DVCS workflow, so you make check-ins against your local repo and then you'd need to make a push/pull action against the central server (Cloud Server). It is the same workflow used in cloud services like GitHub or Bitbucket. Cloud Edition it costs $6,95/user per month including 5GB storage, for the whole team. If you need more capacity, the prices are: between 5 GB and 15 GB - $4.95 / month per team between 15 GB and 100 GB - $19.95 / month per team exceeding 100 GB each 50 GB extra bucket will cost and additional $7.45 per month per team (for example $27.40 for 100-150 GB, $34.85 for 150-200 GB, etc). Users using Plastic Gluon, the artist-oriented workflow, and UI for games or 3D development, which is included in Cloud Edition and Team Edition, must check-in directly to the cloud server because Plastic Gluon works only in a centralized mode. It is a very simple workflow used in large studios such as Telltale Games. You may use this for Unity Projects. You can subscribe to any of these editions online here: https://www.plasticscm.com/pricing.html. You have 30 days trial period for all our editions. You may wonder, why Plastic SCM is different from the rest of Version Control products, (well, it is probably the best and least known of all you mentioned and still used by large multinationals with +2,000 seats, or thousands of small teams like yours doing creative software, apps, games, VR or 3D Design, etc. Nonetheless, well here is a short list or key differentiators (with emphasis in teams working in Games/VR/3D, there are others for heavy coders though): Fully Distributed or Centralized Repositories Branching and Merging Made Simple & Powerful, included unique Semantic capabilities Rich Graphical User Interface or Straight CLI Native Support for Large Assets and Binary Files Specific Workflow for Artists in Game Dev, 3D or VR design (Plastic Gluon, included in all editions) Security Management of the Source Code Reliable & Scalable Repositories Storage with BLOB support Native Plugins for Unity 3D & UE Please, let us know if you need further information, and you may write us at sales@codicesofware.com Thank you! Francisco
  5. Francisco

    Proxy server with the Team Edition license

    Hi Johan, Thank you for reaching out, and about your request: Proxy Severs is a feature only available on Plastic SCM Enterprise Edition. As you suggest setting up another Plastic SCM server in the remote office is something you can do with the Team Edition. What you need to do to keep things in sync between servers is a pull/push operation. You can see here how it works: https://www.plasticscm.com/features/distributed-version-control.html Now, if you find this too cumbersome for your team, please, send us an email with your request to sales@codicesoftware.com, and we will be pleased to find a good solution for you. Please, in your email indicate the username (email) registered in our site and owning the Team License Subscription. Thank you for your confidence in Plastic SCM!
  6. Francisco

    CE or Personal License

    Thank you for checking in, we've replied to your email this afteroon. Please, can you reply via email. Cheers! Francisco
  7. Francisco

    Evaluating Unity plugin with community edition

    Hi All, Thank you for your interest in Plastic SCM with Unity, Since these are mostly requests for extesions or trial of Plastic SCM licenses, beyond our standard terms and conditions, I will be pleased to handle your individual requests presonaly and directly. Please Guillaume, Andi and D0Nu7: can you write to me through our email sales@codicesoftware.com. Regards, Francisco
  8. Francisco

    Perpetual software license

    In addition to Pablo and Carlos' answers, to your question about not being locked in: Plastic SCM supports full history import and export using the open fast-import format used by all the modern open source tools. So,you are never locked in using Plastic SCM.
  9. Francisco

    License clarification

    Hi, Our product is licensed on a per user basis. You can use as many devices per user as you wish. We do not charge a fee for servers.. The referred sentence applies to our license file which must be installed in the server or servers (depending on your configuration), to enable users to access it. You cannot use this license file in another installation without uninstalling the software from where it was first installed. I hope this respond to your question. Francisco