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  1. Wait what? Plastic SCM doesn't support Unity personal license? So we need Unity Plus or Pro license? Or are you talking about a paid Plastic SCM license? I read the Unity Asset store and nowhere it specifies in the requirements section such specific license model. What is this?
  2. It was working very well until I started running into a few inconsistencies like overlapping buttons in the Branch Explorer, Workspace Explorer, and unable to scroll up and down the right tab where attributes are added when there are a lot of options on the list for the window to display. I'm using Unity version 2019.4.9f1 for MacOS Mojave 10.14.5. Installed Plastic SCM version is I can't see the version of the plugin However, the biggest problem is that I started experiencing hard to troubleshoot errors going into Play Mode on certain projects right after
  3. It would have been great if NeatWolf's concerns had been addressed publicly since they are EXACTLY the same concerns I have in 2021 which the documentation and countless of videos on YouTube fail to answer. Although Plastic SCM and Plastic SCM Cloud Edition are actively marketed for use with Unity, the tutorials, documentation, and YouTube videos try really hard to provide a generalized view that can be used with any other workflows like DevOps, that a clear path to understand how to work with Unity is never clearly provided. I would be interested to see if NeatWolf was able to understan
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