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new release available! @geoff5777 this one has something that can help with the CPU consumption issue.


Check all the new features and bug fixes -> http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2013/02/plastic-scm-4110394-is-out.html


As always here you have the release notes: (394 and 391)




External Release (Jan 31th 2013)
        Method History: now it is possible to check the history of a method that
        it is contained in a file that it is not loaded in the workspace. To do
        that, from the Repository browser view or the History view, open the
        Annotate view and then right click on the left panel and select
        "Show method history", as usual. In addition to that, some texts that
        appeared cut have been fixed.
        LDAP performance has been improved (most of the improved things are
        common for all the security providers):
        * Users and their relationships are refreshed periodically as usual, but
          only the users that are still in use, instead of all the known users
          by Plastic. So if no user is active at that moment (no one is working
          with Plastic) no user will be reloaded.
        * The DB access has been avoided during the users refresh. The refresh
          interval has been increased from 5 minutes to 15 minutes, as several
          customers demanded.
        * Some LDAP calls have been avoided, getting the common information
          among different users and groups.
        When a different client (or clients) are checking the workspace content
        (reading it), while the current client is trying to save the new
        workspace content (the operation result), it was possible that the new
        workspace content could not be stored so the old workspace content
        (without the operation changes) was preserved. Fixed: now if the
        workspace content cannot be stored the operation will fail.
        In addition to that, the concurrent read and write operation on the
        workspace content have been improved.
        Branch Explorer: Fixed a crash that happened when:
        1) Issue tracking integration enabled (branch mode), and
        2) enter visibility mode in branch explorer, and
        3) show "Legend". Error: Key cannot be null.
        Fast import: It has been improved:
        - Better progress notification,
        - fixed some bugs and
        - improved performance.
        Team City plugin: The patches applied on the remote agents were not
        performing the delete operations properly. Now the items that have been
        deleted between the previous build and the current one are properly
External Release (Jan 23th 2013)
        Code Review: When a deleted item was selected, a "Value cannot be null."
        error was returned. Fixed.
        Merge: A merge resolution issue that happens when a directory is removed
        and added again during the merge resolution, has been fixed. Example:
        We keep the source resolution on the following merge case:
              add /doc
              mv /src/foo.c to /doc/foo.c
              delete src
              add /src/bar.c
              add /src/qux.c
        Branch Explorer: Improved the mechanism to preserve the position when
        the diagram is refreshed. In addition to that the following has been
        * It scrolled down and right a little bit when it was refreshed. Fixed.
        * It sometimes showed a blank part of the diagram when the 
          workspace working information was not found. Fixed: now it focuses on
          the LAST changeset (last checkin).
        * Fixed some errors when refreshing the view intensively.
        Documentation: All the "revno" appearances deleted, since they are
        pointless in Plastic SCM 4.
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Hi Manu

We found the new release 394 a couple of days ago and got right onto installing it.

It is looking very good so far - the cpu peaks are right down and we have had no instances of thrashing as we had before.

Also what appeared to be a memory leak has gone away.

Thank you to you and your team for a quick resolution.




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