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Can Plastic Cloud use Xlinks to create submodules?


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Title kind of says it all. We're trying to insert a submodule into our Plastic Cloud repository, but all the documentation seems to indicate that we need to be running our own Plastic SCM server. 

So far, our solution is to create the folder for the submodule, ignore it, and keep it updated with our other git clients (we use plastic for one very large project we had no hand in creating, and bitbucket for everything else)

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I'm currently working on a setup that involves creating two repos on my local server and syncing them with two Plastic Cloud repos; one of these repos contains a relative xlink into the other, which seems to work okay so long as my local repos are named in precisely the way the Xlink expects. However, I have no idea whether this is going to prove workable even in the medium-term.

@manu Does this seem like at all a viable approach for sharing a bit of code between different projects using Plastic Cloud? Or if it's not a viable approach, is there any other way you might suggest?

FWIW I am simultaneously investigating the possibility of using gitsync with submodules, though that's becoming a whole separate disaster unto itself as detailed in this other thread: 


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