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Can't diff Unity material files anymore (.mat)

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Release version :

OS: Windows/MacOS/Linux : Windows 10

Steps to reproduce : Open a Unity project, create a new material. Go to PlasticX's Pending Changes view and select the material (.mat) file.

Real result : PlasticX tries to read the material file as a .MAT image, which breaks material diffing.
PlasticX displays the error message shown in the attached screenshot ("improper image header (...) @ error/mat.c/ReadMATImage/ 1491")

Expected result : PlasticX should correctly read and diff the material as a text file. This is the current behavior on legacy Plastic GUI.



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Site bug:
By the way, it seems that if I paste the "issue reporting template text" as Rich Text (the default behavior), the text ISN'T added to the post/comments when you submit the post/comment.

I'm having to rewrite my issue report (ensuring it's plain text) because of this site bug. 😠

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