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Attempting SSL connection crashes Linux client


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Hello Plastic Community,
New user of PlasticSCM here, but not new to DVCS.  I'm attempting to install and use PlasticSCM for the first time on this Linux machine, but I'm encountering a client crash.  The short description: Plastic ($ plastic) crashes if I attempt to setup an SSL connection.  I've attached the command line output form the crash.  Help, please.


The background:

  1. I'm running Ubuntu 14.10.
  2. I've installed the Linux client per the Plastic instructions.
  3. Checking ps waux, the plasticd process is running.
  4. I used scm.[ourserver].com:8088
  5. I checked the "Use encryption (SSL)" checkbox
  6. I clicked the "Connect" button
  7. At this point, the process pops up a new window, then crashes before drawing anything in it.  The title of this popup window is "Hostname mismatch in secure connection".

I'm new to Plastic, but very well versed in Linux, administration, and DVCS in general, so any further information I can provide, or suggestions for how to fix this issue would be much appreciated.







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We´ve recently modified some windows of the client configurator and it seems that the from to accept the certificate is not properly being handled. We have created a task to fix it asap.


Anyway, you could manually edit the "client.conf" file to poin to the scm.[ourserver].com:8088 server.


After thatm if you run:

cm lrep ssl://serverName:8088

You should be able to accept the certificate.




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Hi Carlos,
Thank you.  I've manually edited it and am now working with our contractor to fix the incorrect SSL certificate that highlighted this issue.
Also, for anyone else running across this thread, note that the GUI is not the Only Way.  As intimated by calbazm's reference to cm, Plastic has apparently also implemented some CLI tools.  In this instance, these would have been helpful to know of 24 hours ago:


The usual --help argument will get you started.
P.S. As a side note, and from the department of "mutating bug reports", it would be nice if this forum supported an inline code style, rather than me merely changing the font.  And if it does, then ignore me.  :-)

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