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Cloud Edition & GitLab & Discord


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We are a small team game development on Unity and we are actually migrating from Collab to PlasticSCM. 

We are using Gitlab for issue tracking and Discord as our communication tool.

It seems complicated to integrate PlasticSCM Cloud Edition in our workflow. There is not webhook for Discord neither Plastic Gitlab integration.


Do we have to develop our own tools to link everything to PlasticSCM ? What's the good way to do it ?

Is it even possible to do it with the Cloud Edition..?



Matthis Le Texier

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- Plastic includes their own code review system. We have our own plugins for the main CI: TeamCity, Jenkins, Bamboo...  and also we have plugins for JIRA and some other issue trackers:


- We also have s solution to integrate with slack (but not with Discord):


- We have multple customers that use GitServer feature so they can use all the plugins/integrations available for git also in Plastic:


Every Plastic SCM server can now serve repositories using the Git protocol (git and http supported).

This means that every Git client can push/pull to a Plastic SCM server directly.

Any tool in the Git ecosystem can now be directly used to connect to Plastic SCM using their native Git functionalities. Teams on Plastic can now benefit from all the DevOps, CI, and project management integrations developed for Git.

You can now directly connect the following examples with Plastic: JIRA, Bamboo, FishEye, CodeCollaborator and many more.

GitServer is the server side counterpart of GitSync (which allows every Plastic SCM client to push/pull to a git server) and closes the Git interoperability loop.

- The problem is GitServer is not currently supported in Plastic Cloud. In order to use it, you would need to use a Plastic on-premises server.

Best regards,


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Hi calbzam,

Thanks for your response.

You posted the same link twice. I saw the SlackPlug but, I don't quite get it. There is no entry point for Plastic Cloud. It seems impossible to do webhooks or anything like this. 

I also checked the plastic triggers, but once again, we have no access to Plastic Cloud Server so any manipulation is undoable. 

Can we use triggers on Plastic Cloud ?

Am I wrong or can we access Plastic Cloud server in any way ?



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Sorry, the slack link was:


At the moment, webhooks (or any trigger) are not available for Plastic Clodu but they wil be available very soon. We are working very hard our new cloud2 insfraestructure (most probably availñable in the following weeks).

For now, I'm afraid you will need to install an on-premises server to use triggers and the GitSerevr feature.



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Hello, after the new version with Discord integration ( I tried it with the cloud.


This is the command I used

cm tr mk after-checkin NotifyTeam "webtrigger https://discord.com/api/webhooks/****" --server=organization@cloud

It successfully adds the trigger but my colleague tested checkin with non-distributed setup and it in Discord it didn't work.

I work distributed, and I tested the same code but with local;

cm tr mk after-checkin NotifyTeam "webtrigger https://discord.com/api/webhooks/****" --server=repository@local

This works. But because my colleague doesn't have a local server this only sends notification to the channel when I checkin to my cloned local server. And I don't get any notifications when he checks in to cloud, or when I synchronise with cloud.

Is Discord integration not yet supported with cloud? Or am I doing something wrong?


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Same issue.

I used: cm tr mk after-checkin NotifyTeam "webtrigger https://discord.com/api/webhooks/****" --server=organization@cloud

and this works for my checkins and for other users working directly on the cloud server, but it's not working for users that use the Sync to Cloud workflow.

I also tried adding 

cm tr mk after-checkin NotifyTeam "webtrigger https://discord.com/api/webhooks/****" --server=repo@local

with no success.

Also tried with 'after-clientcheckin'. Nothing.

Any help?

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Thank you Carlos.

Now each push event outputs "Replication write operation on myrepo", but no info about what the push operation contains (changesets comments?). Is there a way to add some info on these events? Right now, that message isn't really useful to check what has been pushed .


- David L

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The trigger has some environment variables taht should useful, could you cehck in the triggers guide?



Environment variables
In addition to the variables defined in sections Common environment variables and Server.conf variables, these are also available:


The complete branch specification which is being replicated. This is the format of the branch specification:
The server member will be the destination server.

Only available in the before-replicationwrite trigger.

The complete repository specification which is being replicated. This is the format of the repository specification:

The server member will be the source server.

Only available in the after-replicationwrite trigger.

The id of the replication.



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